Vector Palette

JesperWe's Swedish look palette.
The default style can be changed to look different!

You can download files that give the charts a Swedish look (new colors, soundings and underwater rocks). Unzip and move the two files into the s57data folder of your installation and you get this:

 * Download "Swedish Style"

SHOM Style :

If you prefer charts with french charts colour, SHOM :
- go to s57data folder of your installation,
- save the file chartsymbols.xml with an other name,
- download this new file,
- rename it chartsymbols.xml
- place it in the s57data folder of your intallation.

and you get this:

Here the look as SHOM charts.

We are looking for more "styles". There is a French style... somewhere.
Can someone supply a change file similar to Jespers ?