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Welcome to the OpenCPN "Documentation Wiki".  Everyone is allowed to contribute to the wiki after creating an account.  Please be thorough, precise, and bold in adding and editing content.  If you see a mistake, please fix it.  All contributed content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.  If you need help with the wiki, this forum thread is dedicated to help.


Creating a new wiki entry:

All wiki entries are categorized into "books" or "book outlines".  When creatting a new article, please assign it to an existing book outline or create a new book otherwise the article will not be seen in the book navigation block.

Current focus:

  1. Check documentation for errors, incompleteness and possible improvement
    1. Don't be shy about editing content, if you need help to get you started, please have a look at and the subsequent pages in the Developer manual.
  2. Write documentation pages that lack information:
    1. Write documentation for PlugIn developers
    2. Write documentation for all existing plugins
  3. Create pretty home/about page screenshots featuring live gps, ais, grib etc.  Email if you would like to take this on or have screenshots you would like to add.

Current version:

The Wiki, is presently documenting the 4.2 release.