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FS#417 - BEARING EBRL would be a nice addition to radar rings

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Opened by Marco (Mbjh9acu) - Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 09:37 GMT-7
Last edited by Rick Gleason (rgleason) - Thursday, 22 August 2013, 16:51 GMT-7
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OCPN has support for radar rings.
What I'm missing is the support of electronic range and bearing lines (ERBLs).

The way I see implementation:
Currently the user can set a 'mark' is set on a location. With an additional property of this mark, it should be possible to draw a thin line from the current position of the own vessel towards this mark (or in the direction of the mark when it isn't visible on the current scaling / zoom). The line (and it's properties) are updated when the vessel moves.

Especially when sailing close hauled on non-yachts (old freighters; wind angle up to 60-70 degrees...), it's nice to know which possible destinations can be reached during daylight. Max. of 3 to 5 ERBLs should be enough (for this purpose).

If anyone knows CMap4: That's where I got the idea (and I like this feature a lot...)
note: the difference with a radar ERBL is that the endpoint of this bearing line is fixed and doesn't change when the own vessel moves.
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Comment by Marco (Mbjh9acu) - Tuesday, 10 May 2011, 14:01 GMT-7
On 2nd thought... Forget about the marks. This will generate a lot of useless marks that need to be cleaned up. Use some kind of 'virtual mark', attached to the ERBL and deleted when the ERBL is deleted?
Comment by Pat Cameron (HappySeagull) - Friday, 13 May 2011, 07:25 GMT-7
This sounds very similar to kaiviti's request http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f134/feature-requests-30931-51.html#post678536
where it's wanted to place a line parallel to ship that stays with the ship in its entirety

Simpler put,and expanded upon,it is a route that travels with the ship but needn't be attached to it.Marcos' ship could carry her, say,"3 hours to windward" lay-lines with her as she moved...it could include several tacks as well!
Comment by Marco (Mbjh9acu) - Friday, 13 May 2011, 08:16 GMT-7
Similair, but not identical. Must say I prefer PI on a radar - a radar usually shows 'reality' and a chart usually shows what we think reality is - not taking into account positioning errors...

The more I think about it, the more I like the cmap (4.10) implementation: bearing lines that always start at the ship and 'end' in a 'virtual marker', constantly showing range and bearing to that marker (virtual because otherwise you will have to clean up all the time). Can be used to decide when to make a tack, but also what harbour to sail to when 'just sailing around'...
Comment by Marco (Mbjh9acu) - Friday, 22 November 2013, 13:49 GMT-7
Serge wrote:


In 2011, when you posted your request into Tracker/FlySpray, OpenCpn was in its early days.

Now, in 2013, OpenCPN 3.2.2 Stable brings you many more functionalities.

May I ask you to check if your request in 2010, is still relevant?
If not, I suggest you close it (or I can do it on your behalf).

In 3.3.1006 this functionality isn't present. So I guess this is still relevant. Don't you?