GPS Devices

Model Vendor Linux Windows Mac OS X
BU-353 S4 Global Sat ? Seems to work just fine in Windows 8.1 with supplied driver ?
BU-353 USB Various Yes, native Yes with driver up to Win7. but not on Win8.1 or 10, get BU-353-s4 Yes with driver
Foretrex 201 Garmin Pl2303 driver and gpsd. Gpsd hotplugging is disabled for the device, so you need to edit the gpsd udev rules. ? ?
GPS126 GPS128 Garmin "Send Route to GPS" Only the waypoints are transferred, not the route ?  
GPSmap 76CSx Garmin GPS is connected via USB cable. Works with OCPN stable 2.3.1 and beta 2.4.708 on Ubuntu 10.04 with kernel 2.6.38 and gpsd 2.95 via Network LIBGPS as NMEA source ? ?
Nokia E71 + EXTGps  Nokia+Symarctic  ?  WinXP SP3 Yes

Win7 Data yes - OpenCPN No
 QSTARZ 51 Channel Bluetooth GPS Qstarz Yes native. Works great as per help file wiki Bluetooth GPS Ubuntu Install Could not get it to work with Windows and MaxSea. never tried on OpenCPN on Windows.  
 RayNav 300  Raymarine Works on Linux Debian, build the serial cable and you're set  Works on Windows XP  Not tried
 NL-302U   Navilock    XP & 7U46 fine  
 NL-402U (u-blox5 chipset)  Navilock Works, tested on Ubuntu 10.10  Works tried on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit  Not tried
 ND-100S SiRF-III  Nobrand Works well with Ubuntu
seems similar.Successfully connected and continuously returning nmea-signal. Vista.
Works with Win 98 and XP
 Not tested
 Holux GM-210 USB      Sony Viao with Vista  
Windows Configuration Tool, best results when set GLL to 5 with Config Tool
not tested works with USB Bluetooth Dongle, WinXP SP3 works with built in Bluetooth of MacBookPro OS X 10.6.4
GM 65
Skytraq - chipset Venus 6
USB - NMEA 0183
not tested Yes, with driver
tested with Win7 64 & 32.
Yes, with driver
GP-01 USB Eastern Star 7 MC-Marine Yes, "out of the box" Yes with driver ?
GP-01S USB SiFR Star III MC-Marine Yes, "out of the box" Yes with driver Yes with driver
Earthmate GPS LT-40 DeLorme Yes, "out of the box" Yes with driver Testing
Dual ? Yes, no driver required. In properties>services check "serial port" and uncheck "Wireless iAP" ?
Droid Ultra,
Cellphone using Bl
Motorola Not tested Yes, Under Windows 8, and using Android App GPSOverBT.
Have GPSOverBT running on phone, on Windows side create new outgoing BlueTooth ComPort and select your android phone from list.
In OpenCPN under Options>Connections select your new BlueToooth ComPort and hit Apply. See coment below. See forum post
Not tested

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