Layers Library

Layers are explained in the manual, read here.


Some examples to start the library and the discussion.

Noaa buoy position layer based on a script that parsed the NOAA data. gpx file

UK Met Office forecast areas made manually with tracks and waypoints. gpx file

Some offshore wind farm areas. A kml file converted with gpsbabel. gpx file
Much more on this site
Note that far from all kmz/kml are suitable for conversion. gpx file

Chart Corrections

Timezone boundaries, one track per timezone

Navigation marks, lights and AIS beacons.
AIS Beacons in the British Isles and the French West Coast
List of Lights

Offshore Wind Farms
Windfarms 1
Windfarms 2


Traffic Separations
TSS zones

Weather related
NOAA wx-buoy positions.
UK forecast areas.
French Atlantic forecast areas.
Worldwide forecasts.

Some Wrecks

Exclusive Economic Zones
Africa and West Asia.
Central America
Dutch Overseas Territories.
Europe Northern Part.
Europe Southern Part
France North Atlantic area.
France Mediterranean area.
France Overseas Territories.
Norwegian Overseas Territory.
Pacific Islands
South America
South and East Asia
UK and Channel Islands.
UK Overseas Territories.
USA including Overseas Territories