Chart Conversion

libbsb is a portable C library for reading and writing BSB format image files, typically used for nautical charts.
A number of utilities to convert and work with BSB charts are included in the libbsb package. Sample files and instructions on using these tools are available on the Examples page.
  • bsb2tif - convert BSB image to TIFF format
  • bsb2ppm - convert BSB image to PPM format
  • bsb2png - convert BSB image to PNG format
  • tif2bsb - convert TIFF image to BSB image
  • ppm2bsb - convert PPM image to BSB image
  • bsbfix - fix the index table in a BSB file
The mc2bsbh Utility
This is a utility to take an image of a chart that has been calibrated with MapCal, and convert it into a BSB chart that can be displayed in many marine navigation programs.
KAP-File Utility
GUI for the several command line tools such as mc2bsbh and the libbsb tools, (for Windows, sorry Linux and Mac guys).

Powerfull utility conversion chart to and from a large variety of formats

For Google Earth
GE2KAP (password to decompress the archives: phiggins)
GE2KAP - Creates .KAP charts from Google Earth
GERoute - Follows a route to load the Google Earth cache.
C2GPXKML - Converts navigation routes and tracks to different formats.
Port detail generated by GE2KAP
Many people have found Google Earth and Google Maps printable images helpful in supplementing their knowledge of a particular area or specific location. The ChartAid program offers you the ability to save Google Maps printable images as Raster Charts or Photo Charts, in BSB/KAP file format.
Overlay NOAA raster charts in Google Earth
Script to Convert MaxSea Routes to GPX

VentureFarther is a FREE cruiser built website that allows you to create BSB/KAP format charts online from either Google Maps or Microsofts Virtual Earth. Just create a login, go to the "Advanced Tools For Cruisers/Satellite images BSB/KAP Charts" menu option and start downloading. No software to download and install.


(Image calibration software for Windows)
ImageCal allows you to calibrate images to generate .kap raster charts, a format supported by OpenCpn. It requires imgkap.exe (free software) to generate the .kap files.