Wind Sensor/NMEA Output

Clipper Mast Head Unit

Clipper Mast Headunit Has NMEA at 4800 Baud Rate sentences are MWV and XDR not compatible with VWR sentence needed for ST1000 Autopilot but runs guages on OpenCpn

SailTimer Wind Instrument

SolarPV powered, bluetooth
Data in standard NMEA 0183 format works with many apps.
Mini-Server accessory, for converting to wifi or wiring in to NMEA 0183 networks for other marine electronics such as chartplotters.

Autonnic A5120 wind vane

Has NMEA 0183 output. Can be ordered from  View specs at!wind/czjc

Airmar WS-150WX Wind & Weather Sensor with GPS

(New Airmar WS-200WX with Nmea 0183 and NMEA 2000, former PB150/PB200)
AIRMAR WS-150WX WIND and Weather Sensor with GPS etc (new WS-200WX with Nmea 0183 and NMEA 2000, former PB150/PB200)

I like these Device most!
No mechanics and fast wind and additional Data
NMEA 0183 Sentence Structure
$GPDTM   Datum Reference
$GPGGA   GPS Fix Data
$GPGLL  Geographic Position—Latitude and Longitude
$GPGSA GNSS DOP and Active Satellite
$GPGSV Satellites in View
$GPRMC Recommended Minimum GNSS
$GPZDA Time and Date
$HCHDG Heading, Deviation, and Variation
$WIMDA Meteorological Composite   Air Temp, Barometric Preasure
$WIMWD  Wind Direction and Speed
$WIMWV Wind Speed and Angle
$WIMWR Relative Wind Direction and Speed
$WIMWT True Wind Direction and Speed
$YXXDR Transducer Measurements (Roll and Pitch)