squiddio plugin gets a host of new features

If you are using an older version of the squiddio plugin, you may want to check out the latest available version.

The new major features include:

  • The new settings dialog box (available in v04 or greater) allows you to select the types of destinations to be displayed on your charts. For instance, you can choose to display only anchorages, or only marinas and docks
  • The new log-sharing feature (v. 04 or greater) allows you to share your current position, COG and SOG with friends in your sQuiddio follow list, and display your friends' latest positions in your chart. A great little tool to help you stay connected with your sailing buddies!
  • The plugin (soon to be released v. 05 or greater) supports AIS ATONs (Aids to Navigation), displayed as grey sQuiddio icons on your charts. The latest ATON info is downloaded together with destinations of the chosen sector (right click on the chart, select "Download sQuiddio destinations").