OpenCPN in the latest issue of Ocean Navigator

The latest issue of Ocean Navigator, May/June 2012, includes an article about using OpenCPN together with GE2KAP for real world cruising. The piece "Updating Captain Cook", is based on the yacht Carina's experiences in The Pacific.

An OpenCPN Radar overlay plugin

could become a reality. Read more here. For this project to proceed the developer needs access to a particular Radar Dome. If you are interested please consider a donation to speed up the project. Donate here!

A watershed, reached...

OpenCPN has a strongly growing userbase. The latest version 2.5.0 has been downloaded more than 115.000 times from SourceForge. The tide has changed, even comercial vendors are now taking note of OpenCPN. As an example, check this thread over at a ybw forum.

The first beta release in the 2.6 series is available

David Register announced the first beta in the new 2.6 development series on November the 25:th.
The full release statement is available here.

A short summary of what's new in the OpenCPN project. October 30, 2011.

Developments in and around OCPN since the 2.5 release. A short summary of what's going on in the discussion forum.

2.5 will soon be released. A 2.4 final(!) beta available.

Whats new in the OpenCPN 2.5 release? A preview.

Numerous changes and enhancements behind the scene of course, but also many cool news for the user.
A new Plugin implementation has paved the way for many new Plugins.
One of the original Plugins "The Dashboard" have many more instruments available.
Multiple instances is possible, that can be vertical (as before) or  horizontal, both dock-able.

A world wide raster-chart coverage for Windows computers is possible through the
"BSB4" and

Release Beta 2.4.708

Ahoy, OpenCPN'ers...

OpenCPN Version 2.4 Beta Build 708 will soon be available for download from

Monitor the Downloads page to find and download the latest Beta version.....

Source is available now on sourceforge git repo.


Special Mac Release 2.4.628 beta

From the 29:th of June the Mac beta is found among the other betas.
To compile yourself download from the SourceForge Git repository.
This is a big step forward for OpenCPN. Help test the new Mac-beta!
Download here:

Plugin Development

In the 2.4 beta development a number of plugins has been introduced:

New WMM PlugIn provides magnetic variation data

On monday 2011.04.04 a PlugIn to show geomagnetic data was made available by Nohal. The PlugIn uses the World Magnetic Model of NOAA. Magnetic variation data (and more) for the ship position - and optionally for the cursor position - is shown in a separate window. The 2010 model used is valid until 2014.12.31.
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