The 2.4 beta development cycle underway.

The 2.4 beta development cycle is well underway. An up to date summary is available here.
Dave has already released the second beta version. A new plugin interface has resulted in the introduction of a BSB4 (non free) and a Google Earth plugin.
Many new features are introduced, for example quilting with Transverse Mercator Charts and screen dimming for Windows, and much more.

BSB4 Plugin

BSB4 charts will be coming to OpenCPN Windows users soon.  See announcement post...

"Hi Folks....
I'm back online now. Time to talk about BSB4 Plugin.

I have implemented a BSB4 PlugIn for OpenCPN. As you might expect, it required some changes to the PlugIn API layer to accomodate arbitrary chart type loading, georeferencing, and display.

Mac Version of OpenCPN Gaining Development Traction

Development of OpenCPN for Mac has really gained traction the past few weeks thanks to Gerard(carcode), mherring2(Malcolm), Patrick(pgluelat), balp and others.  Head on over to this Sourceforge thread and this Cruisers Forum thread if you are interested. 

Here are a few screen shots:

Bug fix release 2.3.1 released 31st of December 2010

OpenCPN Version 2.3.1 is released, and available for immediate download.
OpenCPN Version 2.3.1  is a bug fix release, and no new features are introduced. 
There will only be bugfix releases for the stable 2.3.x series.
New features will be introduced with the start of the next beta series 2.4.x, in due time.

 1.  Correct logic regarding ownship AIS messages (AIVDO)
 2.  Correct fault closing AIStarget list with target query dialog open  (FS#310)

OpenCPN Version 2.3.0 announcement:

OpenCPN Version 2.3.0 is released, and available for immediate download.

OpenCPN is a free and OpenSource navigation package running on Windows, linux, and Macintosh computers.

Some features of OpenCPN include:
 - Quilted Raster(RNC) and Vector(ENC, cm93) digital chart display
 - Industry standard GPS receiver interfacing, with "moving map" on-screen vessel tracking.
 - AIS receiver interfacing with configurable target safety monitoring

OpenCPN 2.3 is getting closer.

The next stable release of OpenCPN, will probably be released as an early X-mas gift to the ever increasing number of users of this  Chart Plotter and Navigator.
One prominent new feature is the Dashboard.

Fedora and Cent OS packages.

The latest beta development release is now available as a rpm package, for the Fedora and Cent OS Linux distributions, on the download page -

Pilot Charts for the North Pacific and the South Atlantic

are now available as pdf files from
The OpenCPN Team has now converted all Pilot Charts, including the North Pacific and South Atlantic, to a format that can be displayed in many Chart Plotters and Navigators.
Any program that can display the bsb2 format can take advantage of this and download the charts  here:

Open CPN releases US Pilot Charts as digital charts.

All  US Pilot Charts, published in the pdf format, are now freely available for download on the page as OpenCPN charts.

Great Circle and Composite Routes

Using the GPX utility is possible to plot on an electronic nautical chart the route using the three types of sailings:
  • Rhumb Line. Direct with OpenCPN.
  • Great Circle. (With Chart Work)
  • Composite. (With Chart Work)

Chart Work - Traditional paper chart work on an ECS.
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