Pilot Charts for Chart Plotters


A digital version of the US Pilot charts
Pilot Chart Gulf of Mexico to Florida Straits

All US Pilot Charts are available below for download, in the BSB ver2 electronic Raster Chart format.
The conversion from the official pdf files to BSB/kap files was done by the OpenCPN team.
The Latest version was Published January 1st 2011 and have these updates:
* There is a new clearer naming scheme for the files.
* The Chart Names are changed to reflect the months clearer.
* The Charts now has a built in dimming palette for dawn/dusk/night viewing.
* All charts now are compressed to 7z files. This is a superior compression algorithm, resulting in smaller files and faster downloads. Download this open source free software www.7-zip.org/. For Mac OSX, try http://www.kekaosx.com/en/ .
* OpenCPN has a limit of 100 charts in the ChartBar. When this limit is reached, the largest scale chart will be dropped. If all Pilot Charts are loaded at the same time, there are many areas where the different Pilot Charts overlap.  Be very careful when navigating in these areas as the larger scale, more detailed charts, may not be available.
* For this reason, when underway, as opposed to planning a passage, it makes sense to only have one or two sets of Pilot Charts loaded in OpenCPN, covering the actual route.
*Chart Groups are is ideally suited for viewing and organizing Pilot Charts.
* For quick switching between consecutive Pilot Charts use the Buttons
Shift to larger scale chart.
Shift to smaller scale chart.


Download Pilot Charts

The monthly Pilot Charts for The North Atlantic are split into four separate charts
Pilot Charts for The Northern North Atlantic - the far north part.
Pilot Charts for The Central North Atlantic - the main part.
Pilot Charts for The Western North Atlantic - the Caribbean.
Pilot Charts for The Mediterranean
Pilot Charts for The South Atlantic
Pilot Charts for The North Pacific Ocean
The monthly Pilot Charts for The South Pacific are split into two parts, the charts proper, and the information part.
The information part in The South Pacific is not a part of the Pilot Chart itself, as in the other oceans, due to lack of space.
Pilot Charts for the South Pacific
South Pacific Information Sheets
Pilot Charts for The Indian Ocean
MD5 sums.

Other useful charts

World Wide Magnetic Variation chart from year 2010
Best viewed as a single chart. Hit F9 to turn off quilting.
The WMM plugin is an easier way to view Variation.
Blue Marble World Chart