PlugIn Guidelines

These are the guidelines for publishing OpenCPN PlugIns on
  1. PlugIns published on must be distributable under the license terms of GPL V2 or later.
    1. In particular, this means that the PlugIn author must arrange for independent publication of the source code of the PlugIn. will not host the PlugIn source code. Sourceforge or Github are acceptable source publication methods.  Others may be approved on application.
  2. PlugIns published on must be ported and available for one of the following list of platforms:
    1. Debian style Linux
    2. Microsoft Windows
    3. Macintosh OS-X
    4. Developers should keep in mind that the usability and popularity of a PlugIn is directly related to its platform portability, and so should strive to make their PlugIns available for all OpenCPN platforms.
  3. PlugIns published on must be freely available for user download on demand, without fee or cost.
    1. PlugIn binaries may exist on the server or elsewhere
How to publish OpenCPN plugins on

After creating an account and/or logging on to, complete this PlugIn Submission Form.  Your PlugIn will be reviewed for publication.  After publication, you will be given the ability to keep your publication up to date by editing the PlugIns download page.