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About Plugins
General Information about plugins.

Dashboard Plugin
Plugin to display navigation data. Included in the OpenCPN installation.

Celestial Navigation Plugin
Plugin to record Sextant Sights and show Circles of Position to obtain a Fix

Grib Weather Plugin.
Plugin to display Grib weather data files. Included in the OpenCPN installation.

The WMM Plugin
A plugin to display the magnetic variation, based on the World Magnetic Model.

S63 Vector Charts
A plugin that makes it possible to display standard commercial charts.
This plugin has a totally different display format and is integrated in the main program.

Radar Overlay Plugins
Overlay the Radar picture of Garmin or Navico on OpenCPN

Calculator Plugin
Plugin to carry out scientific calculations.

Route Plugin
A short introduction to to the Great circle part of the Route Plugin.

Voyage Data Recorder Plugin
Plugin to record and play NMEA data files.  Allows simulation of AIS.

Weatherfax Plugin
Read weather fax encoded data as audio or image and Overlay on top of charts.

Climatology  Plugin
Manage and view monthly gridded Climate data.

Sailing Destinations Plugin
Display thousands of great sailing destinations worldwide right on your chart.

rtlsdr Plugin
Use a low-cost USB DVB-T (digital TV) receiver to receive AIS messages from ships.