OpenCPN Release History

1.2.0 2007-04-20
  Opencpn was built with the following objectives in mind.

    i.   Intended use as primary navigation interface for vessels
         with full-time helm-visible navigational suites.
         Other tools may be better for offline route planning, tide
         and current prediction, online logging, etc.
    ii.  Quick startup and shutdown.
    iii. Those and only those toolbar buttons really needed for
         daily operation.
    iv.  Portability, thus wxWidgets core components.  Currently
         tested and in production use on W98, XP, and Linux.
    v.   Conventional ( i.e. popular and modern ) chart format
         support.  In the real world, this means BSB format raster
         charts, and S57ENC format vector charts.

1.2.2 2008-01-02
Improved AIS symbology and diagnostics, including RateOfTurn indication.
Improved toolbar icon symbology, supporting day/dusk/dark color schemes.
Rationalized home directory selection for Windows, allowing program installation in
arbitrary directory/folder.
Improved accuaracy of Great Circle distance/bearing calculations.
Optional Depth Units displayable on chart as embossed character image.
Ownship position indicator on thumbnail charts accurately follow true GPS position.

1.2.4 2008-04-20
Configure/build modifications for Unicode systems, especially Ubuntu.
Added Route and Mark property sheets.
Improved S57 ENC symbology

1.2.6 2008-08-31
This is a maintenance and feature update release,
containing some S57 ENC symbology improvements,
greater compliance with IHO S52 standards, and various enhancements and
bug fixes. Especially interesting are the DUSK and NIGHT display modes,
for which user feedback is highly desired....

1.2.8 2008-12-25
Mac OS X Support, including installable application bundle (OpenCPN.dmg), GNU/gcc compatible system build files, and XCode project files.
Garmin USB GPS device support for Windows platforms.
Miscellaneous bug fixes and user optimizations.

1.3.0 2009-05-09
1. CM93 worldwide vector chart support, with automatic chart scaling.
2. Improved AIS target tracking with configurable CPA/collision warning options.
3. GPX compatible waypoint and route exporting tools.
4. Configurable range rings centered on ownship position.
5. And, as usual, miscellaneous bug fixes and user optimizations.

1.3.2 2009-07-11
1. Improved AIS target depiction and collision detection alerts.
2. Hot keys and scroll mouse support.
3. Help File.
4. Various display speed and quality optimizations, especially for CM93 charts.

1.3.4 2009-10-01
1.  Ship's position tracking function, with GPX export and import.
2.  Enhanced icons and screen graphics, for improved visibility.
3.  Import and export of Routes using GPX interface protocol.
4.  Implement CM93 vector chart detail control slider.
5.  Assorted usability and reliability improvements.

1.3.6 2010-01-07
1. Add basic GRIB file decoding and chart overlay display.
2. Improve and expand NMEA message type support.
3. Improved documentation.
4. Add modular international language support.
5. Assorted usability and reliability improvements.

2.1.0 2010-06-26
-BSBv3 raster and S57 ENC chart support.
-CM93 vector chart support.
-IHO S52 compliant display of S57 vector charts.
-Single-chart and Quilted display modes.
-North-up and Course-up display modes.
-Moving-map display mode.
-Route navigation with ship tracking functions.
-Waypoint navigation.
-NMEA 0183 GPS interface at selectable baud rate.
-gpsd library support.
-Autopilot output support.
-AIS input with full target tracking and collision alerting.
-Anchor watch/alarm functions.
-GRIB file input and display for weather forecasting.
-GPX Waypoint and Route input and output file support.
-Tide and Current prediction and display by location.
-Multi-language support.
-linux and Windows compatible.

2.3.0 2010-12-18
1. Integrated PlugIn architecture, allowing third-party development and deployment of auxiliary features.
2. Two useful PlugIns available immediately:
Graphical overlay of GRIB (weather)file data
Dashboard for configurable on-screen display of ship's NMEA data.
3 Enhanced Route, Track, and Waypoint management functions by selectable dialog.
4. Many new languages added to basic package, including:
5. Support Garmin Host mode Route and Waypoint interchange and upload to remote GPS receivers.
6. Advanced internationalized Windows Program Installer.
7. Full support for North-up and Course-Up display of all chart types.
8. Expanded AIS target message decoding to include European Inland AIS specifications.
9. AIS Target List Dialog, allowing easy selection and monitoring of all active AIS targets.
10. Many, many improvements in the basic User Interface, while maintaining the ease-of-use that

2.3.1 2010-12-31
1. Correct logic regarding ownship AIS messages (AIVDO)
2. Correct fault closing AIStarget list with target query dialog open (FS#310)
3. Correct occasional geolocation problem with routes on BSB chart switch.
4. Improve Toolbar refresh logic.
5. Increase maximum chart stack size from 20 to 30. (FS#316)
6. Correct GoTo waypoint and subsequent route delete logic. (FS#244)
7. Various language file updates.
8. Correct Depth unit display for quilted charts, with non-english language setting.
9. Correct Win7 Garmin USB Device interface reset in User Mode.
10. Correct Windows vc redistributable installation command in NSIS script.

2.5.0  2011-07-26
1. Per-Cell offset adjustment for cm93 charts
2. Transverse Mercator chart quilting.
3. Selectable full screen quilting option.
4. Configurable lat/lon gid lines.
5. Variable screen dimmer function.
6. Improved Tide/Current information window.
7. Configurable "Layers" function, enabling selectable display of fixed objects.
8. Improved and extended AIS functions, including
a. Euro Inland support
b. Base Stations and ATONs
9. Selectable FullScreen display mode.
10. Integrated Route Planner function, with Tide table support.
11. Enhanced GUI functions, with floating transparent Toolbar.
12. Several new language options.
13. Improved internal memory management.
14. Improved Autopilot output support.
15. New Multi-leg Measurement tool.
16. Improved Vector chart symbology.
17. Improved integrated Tide/Current data accuracy.
18. Improved Route definition interface, including selectable Route colors.
19. Full conformance for all platforms, especially including Macintosh OS X.
20. Greatly improved staility on all platforms, as a result of extended Beta testing.
21. Many, many improvements in the basic User Interface, while maintaining the ease-of-use that OpenCPN is widely known for.

3.0.0 2012-06-05
New and Enhanced Features for OpenCPN Version 3.0
1. OpenGL support, for enhanced graphics performance and functionality.
2. Improved ENC object Query interface
3. Portable execution option, allowing easy migration to new systems.
4. Upgrade to wxWidgets 2.8.12.
5. Support ENC Overlay cells.
6. Upgrade gpsd support to Version 2.96
7. Implement enhanced PlugIn system, enabling a wide variety of PlugIn types.
8. Implement DSC and GPS_Gate Buddy tracking.
9. Implement user defined Chart Groups.
10. Implement AIS SART transponder display and tracking.
11. Improved ENC object rendering and display.
12. Implement user definable Tide/Current datasets.
13. Full conformance for all platforms, especially including Macintosh OS X.
14. Greatly improved stability on all platforms, as a result of extended Beta testing.
15. Many, many improvements in the basic User Interface, while maintaining the ease-of-use that OpenCPN is widely known for.

3.0.2 2012-07-07
This Service Release corrects several small bugs found in the recent 3.0.0 field release.
It incorporates no new features.

3.2.0 2013-02-27
1. Complete update of user Options dialogs and context menus, incorporating modern graphics and uniform styles.
2. Significantly enhanced navigation instrument input and output options, including extensive network connection capabilities supporting TCP, UDP, and GPSD data sources.
3. New User Interface theme support, with OpenCPN traditional as well as two new low profile themes.
4. Enhanced clipboard support, including interfaces to external KML data sources.
5. Enhanced Tide and Current dataset support, including modern fully binary datasets.
6. Various improvements in the display and tracking of AIS data targets.
7. Automatic Great Circle route generation options.
8. Significant enhancement of the Dashboard PlugIn, including new user interface options and a variety of stylish, new instruments.
9. Improved sound system support for linux hosts.
10. Major update to embedded Users Manual.
11. Measurably improved performance and reliability over all supported platforms.

3.2.2 2013-05-08
This Service Release corrects several small bugs found in the recent 3.2.0 field release.
It incorporates a command line switch to turn off OpenGL completely.

4.0.0 2015-01-08
A major release.
Increased performance in all modes, particularly when using OpenGL graphics acceleration.
- Additional network interface methods, including TCP/IP client/server and UDP broadcast.
- Support for multiple data source instances, including
  - Filtering and prioritization of messages
  - Output of NMEA data streams for real-time integration into ship systems
- Improved support for Mac OS X systems, including 64 bit native support.
- Integrated Tablet/Touch screen support.
- AIS Personal Locater Beacon (PLB) configuration and tracking.
- Enhanced AIS target tracking modes.
- GRIB PlugIn feature additions.
  - Graphical GRIB email request generation.
  - Moving particle wind overlay.
  - Enhanced GRIB data type support.
- Dashboard PlugIn feature additions.
  - More selectable instruments.
- Several new and updated Plug-ins, including
  - Digital Radar overlay for popular radar scanners
  - World Magnetic Model variation compensator
  - Climatology analysis
  - Dynamic route planning
  - Integrated logbook
  - Realtime datastream capture, record and playback
  - Google Earth integration
  - Weatherfax overlay
  - Vector chart object and feature search tool
  - S63 Encrypted vector chart support
- Major update to embedded Users Manual.
- Measurably improved performance and reliability over all supported platforms.
- And much more