User Icons

A user can install his or her own icons to use with marks and "own ship".

The procedure goes like this:

1. Create a directory called "UserIcons" in the same place that holds your opencpn.ini(config) file.
In MSW this is the same folder that holds the log file. Easiest way to find this is to go to the  - button in the ToolBar and look all the way down in the first tab (About).
In Linux create the directory: /home/$USER/.opencpn/UserIcons.

2. Add png icon files to this directory. Legacy .xpm iconfiles also works They can be any size. The name of the icon file becomes the name of the new waypoint icon. These new icons will appear on the Waypoint Properties dialog, and can be assigned to any waypoint. They can also be assigned in GPX Import files.
3.To replace the default own ship icon , just  put a file  "ownship.xpm" or "ownship.png"  in the UserIcons directory, described above.

4 For color-blinds and others, there is a yellow version  available. Use the link to "bigdumboat"  below or the different alternatives from  S/V Revelations. Before using any yellow OwnShip icons, consider the special meaning of this color for the OwnShip Icon in OpenCPN. Read more here "GPS Status"



Icons contributed by users of OpenCPN

Download by clicking on the links below.

General Icons by S/V Revelations

Download icons by "S/V Revelations"

Own ship Icons by "S/V Revelations"

Download OpenCPN-Ownship-Icons by S/V Revelations

Download Icons by "bigdumboat"
Download Icons by "glwyn380"
Download Icons by "Nohal"
Download Icons by "sredna"
Download Icons by "Surveyor"