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OpenCPN Latest Release

OpenCPN is free, open source software for marine navigation.  It is available for Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, BSDs and Solaris.  The latest stable version of OpenCPN is 4.6.1 released March 31, 2017.

[Current Version]

Plugins for OpenCPN 4.2 & up

Plugins for OpenCPN are third party feature additions that expand the functionality of OpenCPN into those niche areas.  Here you will find available Plugins to download.

[Latest Plugins]

Beta Testing

[OpenCPN Beta]    [Beta Plugins]

User Icons

Install your own icons to use with marks and "own ship".

[User Icons]

Layers Library

Layers library consists of user-contributed overlays showing various navigational items of interest.

[Layers Library]

Pilot Charts for Chart Plotters

Pilot charts show historical monthly meterological conditions for large worldwide regions.

[Pilot Charts]

Vector Palette

The default chart style can be changed to look different.  JesperWe's Swedish-look palette or SHOM.

[Vector Palette]

Tidal Files

Updated tides for North America.

[Tidal Files]

Plugins for OpenCPN 4.0 & Earlier

Important note for OpenCPN 4.0 (and earlier) users.  Upgrade to the latest version of OpenCPN.  Really.  It is much better and more stable than the version you are running now.  We will not post any more updates to the older version plugins available here,  ever.

[Older Plugins]


Compressed or zipped OpenCPN documentation from the archives.

version 4.0.0    version 3.2.2    version 3.0.2    version 3.0.0    version 2.5.0    version 2.3.1    version 2.1.0    version 1.3.6   

All former OpenCPN released versions are available from Source Forge.

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