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OpenCPN 4.6.0

OpenCPN 4.6.0 released March 14, 2017.    See what's new in 4.6.0

Beta Version 4.5.307 is Available for Download

March 7, 2017  Beta 4.5.307 Changelog

49.  Extract and integrate User Manual from present dokuwiki contents.
50.  Improve text formatting of initial Welcome dialog.
51.  Improve Busy Spinner logic to avoid "orphan" spinners.
52.  Implement minor improvements to ENC rendering rules, especially for OpenGL mode.
1.  The embedded User Manual is a significantly richer than the previous versions, and so is a bit larger.  There may also be some missing/broken links.   Please take a look, carefully noting any critical sections or missing images.
2.  This Beta is considered to be the first Release Candidate.
All features are frozen.
Unless fatal logic flaws are discovered, only minor changes (e.g. message strings, trivial rendering troubles) will be considered for the final release of OCPN 4.6.

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Beta Version 4.5.221 is Available for Download

February 22, 2017  Beta 4.5.221 Changelog

41.  Add ENC Text tool "A+" to iENC mode, Remove "Zoom+" and "Zoom-"
42.  Disable hiding of iENC toolbar
43.  Correct several elements of iENC toolbar rendering.
44.  Improved DC (non-GL) quilted text rendering.
45.  Improved vector chart zoom slider interaction with "Reduced Detail at small scale" option.
46.  Correct legacy ENC Plugin display (e.g.S63)
47.  Adjust default configuration settings for better initial ENC display.
48.  Establish 'N' as hotkey to return to Standard display in iENC mode.

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Beta Version 4.5.213 is Available for Download

February 13, 2017  Beta 4.5.213 Changelog

26.  Implement improved ENC text declutter algorithms
27.  Implement InlandENC V2.3 Info mode option.
28.  Correct ownship scaled icon rendering in GL mode.  (FS#2200)
29.  Make ENC Object Query text fields selectable for copy/paste operation, except on touch displays.
30.  Improve layout of Tide/Current graphic window.
31.  On Prepare All ENC, allow full background operation in Win7/10.
32.  Add config setting to allow adjustment of tide rectangles' displayed size. Thanks, Paul (FS#2104)
33.  Slightly reduce scaled physical pen width on GL AIS target rendering.
34.  Slightly adjust icon sizes in Routepoint Properties dialog.
35.  Refine BusyCursor show/hide logic, especially on ENC access.
36.  Improve Current graphic rendering (FS#2119)  Thanks, Paul.
37.  Correct use of IIGLL NMEA sentence.
38.  Improve keyboard navigation and rendering of TrackPropertiesDialog point list.
39.  Correct quilt composition when S57 overlays are present.  (FS#2195)
40.  Correct error on auto-follow and zoom-to-cursor interaction.  (FS#2199)

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Beta Version 4.5.204 is Available for Download

February 4, 2017  Beta 4.5.204 Changelog

18.  Improve Options->Charts Apply/Ok button behavior on chart add/remove.
19.  Correct garbled Options->Units display on Mac, and errors on Windows variation field display.
20.  Add Options->Display->Advanced, Vector Chart zoom modifier slider.
21.  Correct Options->Charts->Prepare All ENC behavior on Windows 8/10.
22.  Correct text placement for canal "KM" distance markers.
23.  Various improvements to ENC rendering, more closely conforming to S-52 specifications.
24.   Correct MenuBar item texts on language change.

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Beta Version 4.5.201 is Available for Download

February 1, 2017   Beta 4.5.201 Changelog

11.  Correct startup and options page display faults on Macintosh.
12.   Re-enable ENC thumbnails.
13.   Correct fault on dynamic language switch with some Plugins.
14.   Update language translations.
15.   Add True and/or Magnetic HDG/BRG info to AIS Target Query.
16.   Improve Options->Display->Units dialog layout and behavior.
17.   Update various ENC symbolization rules to follow S52 standards.

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