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Dedicated to the author of American Practical Navigator 1802, Nathaniel Bowditch
and all who advance the practice of Navigation.

nb-nathaniel-bowditch-sargent-drawing.jpg. . . . . nb-american-practical-navigator-bowditch-1st-edition-1802.jpg

The following eulogy by the Salem Marine Society indicates the regard in which this distinguished American was held by his contemporaries:

“In his death a public, a national, a human benefactor has departed. Not this community, nor our country only, but the whole world, has reason to do honor to his memory. When the voice of Eulogy shall be still, when the tear of Sorrow shall cease to flow, no monument will be needed to keep alive his memory among men; but as long as ships shall sail, the needle point to the north, and the stars go through their wonted courses in the heavens, the name of Dr. Bowditch will be revered as of one who helped his fellow-men in a time of need, who was and is a guide to them over the pathless ocean, and of one who forwarded the great interests of mankind.

These Books are also dedicated to David Register for his boundless talent and tireless efforts improving OpenCPN for all and for his extraordinary creation, OpenCPN.
[This dedication is by all the Users & Programmers who work together in this unique cooperative community.]

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