This section will cover the universe of charts thru the lens of OpenCPN: installing, using, finding, different formats supported, using purchased charts, and more.

Options > Charts > Tabs

Chart Files Tab Install charts & manage directories
Vector Display Tab Vector Display options
Chart Groups Tab Create & Manage chart groups
Chart Downloader Tab Download & update free charts.
Chart Manual Installation Instructions for installing charts.


Chart Plugins - Fee Based

Chart Use and Management

Scaling Charts Use Scale tool to change chart scale.
Chart Quilting Display portions of charts at the same scale.
Chart Status Bar Chart Buttons for current charts at screen bottom.
Chart Information Right-click Chart Buttons at bottom of screen.

Chart Resources

Advanced Chart Work

Advanced Chart Work
CM93 Offsets How to correct Offsets at your own risk.
Chart Conversion Manual Kap, Imgkap, libBSB GE

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