User Corner

The User's Corner is for users to edit and create documentation. We encourage documentation of clever uses and installations of OpenCPN. We would like to see as many photos and documentation as there are installations (using homemade gear, slick installations, rpi, rpi2, rpi3, displays, and all kinds of hardware, details) new methods, ways of communicating with other hardware, unique software and hardware techniques using OpenCPN, etc.

NOTE: Particularly well documented and unique User OpenCPN Installations and Articles will be featured on the main website from time to time under “News” or another “Special Category”.

“Users” Registered & Logged in have all Edit and “Create New Page” capabilities, in the User Corner. These pages provide space for Users to describe & edit articles about Opencpn Installation, technical details, and particular use.

  1. The User Gallery is for upload of photos, screenshots & details, which can be used in your articles. In DW Edit mode, icon on right side second from bottom, you can insert photos from the gallery using the brown square menu icon on top for Adding images and other files.
  2. Please separate each User Project with the second largest title size using your own words, or Create a New page.
  3. Please read a little of the Editor's Manual and look at the Left Navigation Menu under Editor's Manual namespace.

Enter your Opencpn Description here and use the opencpn_gallery for your screenshots.
Example Screenshot

1981 Bristol 32, Nell, rgleason

Code used to insert photo.
{{opencpn:files:gallery_opencpn:rgleason-nell-1981-bristol32.jpg?200|1981 Bristol 32, Nell, rgleason}}

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